[LLVMdev] Fwd: Linking fails when compiling files that use llvm routines

Yannis Mantzouratos giannismantz at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 18:41:45 PST 2009

Hi Sam,

That was a typo, i was actually typing "{compiler} `llvm-config
--cxxflags --ldflags --libs all` -o Test test.cpp". I have already
tried typing llvm-config by itself and everything seemed as expected,
so i suppose that the problem isn't there.


PS: that "Fwd:" in the thread subject is also a nice example of typo :-)

2009/12/30 Samuel Crow <samuraileumas at yahoo.com>:
> Hi Yannis,
> It looks like you're missing a second back-quote before the -o.  Is that exactly what you've been typing?  Have you tried typing llvm-config by itself to see what is supposed to link in?
> --Sam

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