[LLVMdev] "Graphite" for llvm

Albert Cohen Albert.Cohen at inria.fr
Mon Dec 28 03:05:19 PST 2009

ether wrote:
>> The polyhedral loop description is simple and not compiler depended. 
>> Therefore external tools like LooPo (automatic parallelization), Pluto 
>> (optimization in general) 
> i had contacted the author a week ago, and if we use it, we need a IR 
> generator in llvm side to extract SCoP, and the corresponding parser in 
> Pluto side that read, then a backend for cloog and the corresponding in 
> parser llvm that read those stuff back to llvm. :)
>> or even Graphite 
> hows the statue of PCP? could us just use the PCP language with annotation?

Hi all,

PCP is only partially implemented: conversion out of PCP to Graphite is 
not implemented, but the existing code would definitely help anybody 
working in interfacing other tools with PCP. The main people to contact are
"Sjodin, Jan" <Jan.Sjodin at amd.com>
Sebastian Pop <sebpop at gmail.com>

Work on PCP has stalled because Jan has left for another group.

In the hort term, Tobias is right that the best way to interface tools 
is to use the scoplib format and library from Louis-Noel Pouchet (PoCC).

In any case, work on either PCP or scoplib will be beneficial. The 
community of polyhedral compilation experts is small, and its openly 
available output is already diminished by two proprietary development 
projects at IBM and Reservoir Labs. I strongly wish that any effort 
within LLVM will be wise enough to join forces with Graphite :-)


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