[LLVMdev] lower select pass

Tim Sander tim01 at iss.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Dec 21 16:21:08 PST 2009


Well, its been quite some time... hope your are all as well as you have been 
more than a year ago. 

It just happend to be that i wrote a small pass (albeit for 2.5) which  
removes the select instructions which had not been there in 2.2 8-/.
Since they made my bitrotting backend sad i had to find a way to get rid of 

The attached pass is slighly inspired (concerning the skeleton) by the lower 
switch pass. It simply replaces the select instruction with a branch to to 
dummy blocks which in turn unconditionally branch back to "tail" block which 
contains the remaining instructions (guarded of course by a phi node).

Attached is also my small testdirectory (which is sadly not a real test).

It would nice if this pass would find its way to mainline.

I would also like this place to thank Tilmann, Nicholas and Daniel for their 
great support via IRC.

Best regards
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