[LLVMdev] Matching icmp/fcmp in a back-end

Robert Quill robert.quill at imgtec.com
Thu Dec 17 03:52:05 PST 2009

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to match the icmp and fcmp assembly
language instructions in the code generator. For example, for the
following code:

  %cmp = icmp sgt i32 %tmp, %tmp1                 ; <i1> [#uses=1]
  br i1 %cmp, label %if.then, label %if.else

We would like to see something like:

SGT cmp, tmp, tmp1
BR cmp lbl

However, I can't see any case in the back-ends where anyone matches the
cmp instruction on it's own (without using Pat<...>). Is this possible?

Thanks for your help,
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