[LLVMdev] Fw: LLVM 2.6 cygwin build fails

Cornelius c.r1 at gmx.de
Tue Dec 8 12:47:51 PST 2009

Am 08.12.2009 21:21, schrieb Anton Korobeynikov:
>>> I think MSYS can build DLLs on Win32 so it's only the Cygwin version that can
>>> not build the modules.
>>> That's what our team is trying to do right now using LLVM-GCC.
> The system does not matter.
> The issue here is that on windows you cannot have undefined symbols in
> the binaries. Thus there is no support for "loadable modules".
do you know about LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress?
This might be what you need for loadable modules in generic, but I don't 
know the actual use case, so i'm not 100% sure if you are able to 
archieve your goal with the above.

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