[LLVMdev] A question about 'llc -march=c'

Cornelius c.r1 at gmx.de
Tue Dec 8 07:37:25 PST 2009

You need to link against the c++ standard library.
gcc test.cbe.c -lstdc++
works for me :)
Am 08.12.2009 10:00, schrieb lpeng:
> Hello friends working on LLVM,
> I am a beginner to LLVM. I tried to get C code from LLVM bitcode using
> 'llc -march=c'. But it seems to me that it doesn't work if the source
> program is a C++ program. Am I right? I have attatched the source
> program and the result of compiling the C code of it with GCC4.3.3.
> By the way, has LLVM's C code backend been tested on benchmarks like
> spec?  Sorry if I missed the answers on websites.
> Best regards,
> Liang Peng
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