[LLVMdev] Pass linking problems

Michael Wu mmwu at princeton.edu
Mon Dec 7 07:36:57 PST 2009

Somehow after rebuilding LLVM, the problem went away. Thanks. I don't 
even think I changed my source code.


Duncan Sands wrote:
> Hi,
>>     I'm attempting to use Module::getTypeByName in my pass, but when 
>> I run the pass with opt, I get this:
>> opt: symbol lookup error: 
>> /home/mmwu/Download/32/llvm/Release/lib/ParallelSort.so: undefined 
>> symbol: _ZNK4llvm6Module13getTypeByNameENS_9StringRefE
>> The pass worked before I added the call in. What do I need to link 
>> with the pass to get it to work? Or is there something wrong with my 
>> setup?
> this symbol is defined in libLLVMCore.a.  Check that this library does 
> not
> come before any users of the symbol on the linker command line.
> Ciao,
> Duncan.

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