[LLVMdev] regarding getelementptr

Arvind Sudarsanam arvind.sudarsanam at aggiemail.usu.edu
Fri Dec 4 10:41:52 PST 2009


I have been working towards generating my own IR code from llvm IR. I
have hit a stumbling block with respect to "getelementptr" used inside
another llvm instruction.

Example: %arrayidx = getelementptr inbounds i32* getelementptr
inbounds ([10 x i32]* @k, i32 0, i32 0), i32 %tmp2 ; <i32*> [#uses=1]

I am unable to get a handle on the second "getelementptr" in this instruction.

Can anyone plee let me know if I am missing something here?


Arvind Sudarsanam
Utah State University
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E-mail: theonemorpheus at gmail.com
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