[LLVMdev] A few questions from a newbie

Jakob Stoklund Olesen stoklund at 2pi.dk
Mon Apr 20 11:21:55 PDT 2009

Peter Bacon <peter.b.bacon at gmail.com> writes:

> Your suggestion works! But instead of using the Pat<>, I am using
> def MOVE_ADDR : MYInst<(outs Int32Regs:$dst), (ins i32mem:$a),
>                      "move $dst, $a;",
>                      [(set Int32Regs:$dst, (Wrapper tglobaladdr:$a))]>;

This is fine.

> I don't quite understand what the semantics of Pat in general. Could you please explain what
> def : Pat<(BfinWrapper (i32 tglobaladdr:$addr)),
>           (LOAD32imm tglobaladdr:$addr)>;
> means?

It means the same as the pattern you wrote above. You could also have

def MOVE_ADDR : MYInst<(outs Int32Regs:$dst), (ins i32mem:$a),
                     "move $dst, $a;", []>;

def : Pat<(Wrapper tglobaladdr:$a), (MOVE_ADDR i32mem:$a)>;

Pat<A,B> simply means "replace A by B" in the DAG. It is useful if you
have more than one pattern for a single instruction, or if you want to
use multiple instructions in a pattern replacement.

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