[LLVMdev] Tablegen question

Bob Wilson bob.wilson at apple.com
Wed Apr 15 13:34:58 PDT 2009

On Apr 15, 2009, at 1:11 PM, Villmow, Micah wrote:

> If I force it to use v2f32 for my register class, it still fails with:
> d:\hq\main\sw\appeng\tools\hpc\opencl\compiler\llvm\test 
> \AMDIL>TableGen.
> exe -gen
> -dag-isel -I../../include/ test.td > output
> GPRV2F32:v2f32:$src1 MACRO_DISTANCE_FAST_v2f32:         (set
> GPRF32:f32:$dst, (i
> ntrinsic_w_chain:f32 84:iPTR, GPRV2F32:v2f32:$src0,
> GPRV2F32:v2f32:$src1))
> TableGen.exe: In MACRO_DISTANCE_FAST_v2f32: Type inference  
> contradiction
> found i
> n node!
> So I'm not sure that is the problem. Also, my register classes only
> accept one register type, so there is no valid way for a GPRV2F32 to
> accept a F32 data type.

Well, I'm out of ideas.  Maybe it's time to debug TableGen and figure  
out why the type inferencing isn't working?  Good luck in any case.

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