[LLVMdev] Problem on running "hello world" pass on VS2008

Wenzhi Tao linus_wind at zju.edu.cn
Mon Apr 13 00:00:53 PDT 2009

Hello, everyone!
Recently, I build llvm project for Visual Studio 2008 using cmake successfulley.

I modify the project LLVMHello of the entire solution to generate LLVMHello.dll instead of LLVMHello.lib without other changes.
Then, the flowing commands is executed:
       opt -load LLVMHello.dll --help
But, I can't find the information string for hello pass.

       opt -load LLVMHello.dll -hello test.bc
Error Information: opt: Unkown command line argument '-hello'. Try: 'opt --help'.

Could you help me to solve this problem? Thanks.


Wenzhi Tao 
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