[LLVMdev] cross llvm

Greg McGary greg at mcgary.org
Fri Apr 10 12:04:01 PDT 2009

I have some broad newbie questions about LLVM and its language 
front-ends with regard to cross targeting:

I assume LLVM IR and bitcode are machine independent, yet bitcode files 
encode an arch triple.  Why?  Is it just a hint for subsequent lowering 
phases, or it it a recommended target?

Does IR/bitcode produced by a front-end configured for ARM differ from 
bitcode for, say PowerPC or x86?  If different, then perhaps my 
assumption is naive that IR/bitcode is completely machine independent?

I see that I must specify a target to llvm-gcc at configure time, just 
as with traditional gcc.  Is that an artifact of GCC's operational model 
(because the GCC driver also assembles and links), or is there something 
target-specific about how cc1 generates IR/bitcode?

How do I use clang as a cross compiler?  I don't see a configure step 
for specifying a target arch/cpu when building clang, yet I also don't 
see options to specify a target arch/cpu.


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