[LLVMdev] Link error building llc

Neale Ferguson neale at sinenomine.net
Thu Apr 9 09:10:21 PDT 2009

Perfect thanks! I am starting on the System z port so just wanted to build
tblgen so I thought building with just cbe,cpp would be okay.

On 4/9/09 11:15 AM, "Anton Korobeynikov" <anton at korobeynikov.info> wrote:

> Hello, Neale
>>         -lLLVMBitReader /home/neale/LLVM/llvm/Debug/lib/LLVMCBackend.o
>> -lLLVMCodeGen -lLLVMScalarOpts -lLLVMTransformUtils -lLLVMipa -lLLVMAnalysis
>> /home/neale/LLVM/llvm/Debug/lib/LLVMCppBackend.o -lLLVMTarget -lLLVMCore
>> -lLLVMSupport -lLLVMSystem   -lpthread -ldl -lm -lelf
> It seems, that you did not specify any single backend except C. Please
> do so.
>> So it appears to be missing LLVMSelectionDAG in the link specification. I've
>> been trying to wade through the Makefile* files to see how the link
>> specification is generated but am not getting anywhere. So my question is
>> how/where is this generated?
> List of libraries is generated via llvm-config script, which performs
> dependency checking of libraries and arranges them in proper order.

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