[LLVMdev] DynamicLibrary.inc compile error /w vc++2005 and windows sdk 6.1

Tareq A. Siraj tareq.siraj at rapidmind.com
Wed Apr 8 12:07:43 PDT 2009

Hello there,
I'm having a problem compiling llvm with vc++ 2005 and windows sdk6.1. 
It seems that the Platform SDK supplied with vc++2005 uses PSTR for the 
first param of PENUMLOADED_MODULES_CALLBACK64 typedef (dbghelp.h) and 
the windows sdk 6.1 (also windows sdk 6.0a that ships with vc++2008) 
uses PCSTR. The _MSC_VER macro guard for ELM_Callback(...) kinda kills 
the possibility of using VC++2005 with SDK 6.1 and without the macro 
guard, one will require to have SDK6.0A+ setup with vc++2005. Is there 
any known workaround to this issue?

1>d:\dev\llvm\lib\system\Win32/DynamicLibrary.inc(116) : error C2664: 
'EnumerateLoadedModules' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'BOOL 
(__stdcall *)(PSTR,llvm::ModuleBaseType,ULONG,PVOID)' to 

I saw one old post from 2007 titled "LLVM 2.1 with VC++" in this list 
stating the same thing but this wasn't fixed probably due to failure to 
reproduce. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

Tareq Ahmed Siraj
RapidMind Inc.

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