[LLVMdev] Patch: MSIL backend global pointers initialization

Artur Pietrek pietreka at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 03:25:23 PDT 2009

Hi Anton,

> > OK, I just need the same signature for both of those instructions.
> Both are callinsts of same function, isn't that enough? Since it's a
> variadic function there is also a bitcast to proper type. So, looking
> for type of callee (not result, but function type!) you'll obtain the
> real "signature" of callee and if you'll strip all pointer cast you'll
> obtain the "declaration" (=variadic) type of the callee. This should
> be enough for almost all purposes. You should not try to invent some
> custom "comparison schemes", almost surely in such situation you're
> reinventing the wheel :)
> So I do this:

if (CallInst *cinst = cast<CallInst>(instr)) {
  const FunctionType *FTy = cinst->getCalledFunction()->getFunctionType();

What I get "i32 (i8*, ...)"
How can I get something like "i32 (i8*, i32)"?

Thanks for your help.
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