[LLVMdev] Math Library Intrinsics as native intrinsics

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Wed Apr 8 00:43:03 PDT 2009

Hi Micah,

> There seems to be some math library functions that are already built
> into llvm as intrinsic(pow, exp, etc...) but there are lots that are not
> built in yet. Is there currently work going on that is implementing
> these? I do not want to duplicate work so I want to see what is out
> there.

another approach is to get rid of the llvm intrinsics, because they
don't buy you anything that you can't get with function attributes
and a list of libcalls.

> The math functions that I will be adding in are from the following spec,
> section 6.
> http://www.khronos.org/registry/cl/



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