[LLVMdev] build error on libLLVMSystem.a without any useful error message

Kenneth Boyd zaimoni at zaimoni.com
Thu Apr 2 20:28:15 PDT 2009

Nicolas Raynaud wrote:
> Thanks for your reply,
> Perl is implied ???
> here is the version :
> nraynaud at macaron-2:~/Desktop/geek/fp$ perl --version
> This is perl, v5.8.8 built for darwin-thread-multi-2level
> (with 2 registered patches, see perl -V for more detail)
> the two patches are  :
>   Locally applied patches:
> 	fix for regcomp CVE-2007-5116 security vulnerability
> 	fix for double-free CVE-2008-1927 security vulnerability
> Thanks for your help,
I'm not thinking clearly, evidently. 

Looking at the more verbose results

ar cru /Users/nraynaud/Desktop/geek/llvm-svn/build/Debug/lib/libLLVMSystem.a ....

looks wrong, I would have expected

ar -cru /Users/nraynaud/Desktop/geek/llvm-svn/build/Debug/lib/libLLVMSystem.a ....

at that point.

Editing the makefile would get you past that, but the changes would be lost on reconfiguring.  Actually fixing this would require tweaking configure.ac .

Kenneth Boyd

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