[LLVMdev] Standalone compiler

Melvin Smith melvin.smith at itechdata.com
Wed Apr 1 18:04:28 PDT 2009

First off, I like the look of this project.


I am considering retargeting my language from .NET &  Parrot to LLVM. Its
either this, or add a Java backend. I'm probably going to scrap the Parrot
support, but it will still leave me with 2 backends. The only reason I am
considering LLVM is as a compiler / code generator, not as a VM.


Immediately I have several questions regarding dependencies. I gather from
the docs that the output is for GNU assembler, however, does this require
that gas be installed for a user of my compiler, or is there a direct code
generation option (as I see there is a JIT)?


Is it practical to implement a standalone compiler with LLVM, or are there
dependencies that will require GNU / GPL packages?





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