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Nicolas Capens nicolas at capens.net
Wed Apr 1 09:42:12 PDT 2009

Hi Stefanus,


Thanks for the info. I still think it's a bug though. Take for example a
case where the vectors each have four elements. The values in Mask[] can
range from 0 to 7, while HLSMask only has 4 elements. So LHSMask[Mask[i]]
can go out of bounds, no?






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Hi Nicolas,


On 1-Apr-09, at 7:34 AM, Nicolas Capens wrote:

I'm having some trouble understanding the following lines in
InstructionCombining.cpp, which possibly contain a bug:


if (Mask[i] >= 2*e)





When Mask[i] is bigger than the size of LHSMask it reads out of bounds on
that last line. I believe the first line is there to try to prevent that but
then it should be comparing to LHSMask.size() not 2*e (e being Mask.size()).


Upon quick inspection of the code, I don't think this is necessarily a bug
right now, but the function could be improved.


I believe this stems (in part at least) from the fact that shufflevector
used to require that the sources and the mask have the same size, which was
changed a few months ago to allow an arbitrarily-sized mask.


This would be a bug all throughout this function (which generally assumes
this is still the case), if the function didn't do the following check


  unsigned VWidth = cast<VectorType>(SVI.getType())->getNumElements();


  if (VWidth != cast<VectorType>(LHS->getType())->getNumElements())

    return 0;


In other words, if the mask size is not equal to the number of elements in
the vectors, it skips this transformation.


Because the LHS is a shufflevector in the part of the code you are
mentioning, and the result of a shufflevector has the same number of
elements as its mask, you are actually guaranteed that LHSMask.size() ==
Mask.size(), because LHSMask.size() == LHS->getNumElements() == Mask.size().


It shouldn't be too hard to relax the constraint that this optimization
requires the number of elements being shuffle to be equal to the mask size,
but it'll probably take some careful testing!





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