[LLVMdev] Several questions about LLVM

John Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Fri Oct 31 15:07:15 PDT 2008

Anton Korobeynikov wrote:
> Hello, Eduardo
> I think these questions were answered yesterday, but:
>> 1) I know there is a MSIL backend which is still at an experimental
>> phase. When will it be ready?
> When there will be someone, which will finish it. Without such brave
> soul I'd say "never". Currently it's definitely bitrotten and I
> personally don't see the future for it expect "proof-of-concept" and
> "backend for someone to start from"
> .
>> 4) For the work that I'm doing, besides C and C++, it would be great to
>> have a Fortran frontend. Would it be very hard to compile the llvm-gcc
>> with suport for fortran?
Another option is to use a FORTRAN to C compiler to convert your FORTRAN 
code to C and then compile the output using llvm-gcc.  We've done that 
internally at University of Illinois.

-- John T.

> There is (still experimental though) support for fortran and ada
> frontends mostly on x86/linux. You can even find some numbers from
> running SPEC/polyhedron testsuites on llvm-gfortran. They are also
> mentioned in release notes maybe for 2-3 past releases already.

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