[LLVMdev] ldc (LLVM backend for the D Programming Language) has x86-64 support

Kelly W wilsonkk at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 28 09:16:32 PDT 2008

Hey Chris et al.,
>> Hello everyone,
>> I just thought I would let people here know that ldc (llvm backend  
>> for the D Programming Language) is getting pretty usable (a few  
>> larger libraries compile) and it now has x86-64 support added. . . 
>Wow, very very nice!  Have you pointed this out to the other D users?


Yes, I have let the main D user list know about this. Hopefully we can get
some more users/testers/developers on ldc now that this x86-64 support is
there. LLVM made it fairly easy to add support ;)





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