[LLVMdev] LLVM as compiler course infrastructure - thanks!

Matt Elder elder at cs.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 27 16:03:43 PDT 2008

Charles Fischer and I, at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, have 
adapted our CS department's graduate compilers course to use LLVM. We've 
found it quite commodious, and a vast improvement on the system we'd 
been using previously.

So, first of all, to the LLVM devs - thanks many times over for making 
LLVM as good as it is. I admit that I haven't seen many, but LLVM is 
easily the least horrible compilation system I've ever worked with. :)

Also, a question: about how much work do you suspect is required to make 
`llc` dynamically pluggable in a manner similar to `opt`? If ... someone 
... was to do this plumbing in a reasonable way, would it likely get 
pulled up into a later version?

If you're interested, you can have a look at the kinds of assignments 
we're doing with LLVM here:


Thanks again,
- Matt Elder

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