[LLVMdev] CMake builds clang.

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Sun Oct 26 11:17:17 PDT 2008

Kenneth Boyd <zaimoni at zaimoni.com> writes:

>>> Isn't is possible for cmake just to glob everything in the corresponding
>>> directory?
>> Yes, but then the build would not notice a change on the file
>> structure. You'll need to explicitly invoke cmake for being sure that
>> whatever changes were made by the last svn update are reflected on the
>> generated makefiles, which is a bigger incovenience than the occassional
>> modification of the CMakeLists.txt file.
> It would be simpler for autoconf builds to have a Perl script that 
> updates the CMakeLists.txt files when necessary.  (This doesn't look 
> *that* hard, but I can't say when I'll surface long enough to work on that.)

In theory, it is possible to do this with cmake itself. In practice, it
doesn't matter much because:

1) either CMake becomes the de facto standard for LLVM, deprecating
autoconf&&gmake and thus requiring the developers to update the
CMakeLists.txt files to compile their sources...

2) ... or CMake remains a fall-back system for those not covered by
autoconf&&gmake, with most LLVM developers ignoring it and requiring
some periodic maintence work by those who use it.

If the tendency is towards (2), I'll implement a cmake option for
checking that the files contained in each CMakeLists.txt matches those
on its respective directory, reporting the differences. Checking the
discrepancies is easy, patching the CMakeLists.txt file is not, in the
general case, either for a Perl script or for CMake itself. So, Kenneth,
don't waste your time on this.


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