[LLVMdev] Growing up CMake

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Fri Oct 24 17:36:18 PDT 2008

Argiris Kirtzidis <akyrtzi at gmail.com> writes:

>> I recall some discussion about the behavior you describe on the cmake
>> ml, but can't find it right now.
>> IIRC, once generated the project files, you shouldn't need to re-run
>> cmake, ever. CMake inserts something in the project files for detecting
>> that a re-generation is needed and automatically stops the build and
>> invokes itself, then continue, perhaps with some intermediate prompt by
>> the IDE about changed files, etc.
> Thanks for the tip. For a simple test I added a file entry in 
> tools/llc/CMakeLists.txt and, after doing "Build Solution", CMake 
> recreated 7 project files, resulting in building 41.
> Why wasn't just the llc project affected, do the dependencies need 
> tweaking or something ?

Found the problem. I'm recreating include/llvm/config.h on each cmake
invocation, which forces the rebuild of everything.

The best thing to do is to remove the VC++ config hack and use the
general configuration process.

Maybe this weekend.

Thanks for your feedback, Argiris.


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