[LLVMdev] Windows x64 support

Nicholas Chapman nickamy at paradise.net.nz
Thu Oct 23 05:57:21 PDT 2008

I'm using LLVM for JIT compilation of shaders for my ray tracer 
My primary development target is 32 bit and 64 bit Windows.
JIT compilation of shaders is working great for x86 code, but for x64 
code LLVM doesn't really work, due to ABI incompatibilties in the form 
of calling convention errors with x64 windows, I think.

Anyway, my questions are as follows:  Is x64 JIT on Windows supposed to 
work currently?  If not, is x64 JIT on Windows a LLVM development goal?  
And if so, is there a time-line or roadmap for achieving such a goal?

    Nicholas Chapman

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