[LLVMdev] TableGen Hacking Help

David Greene dag at cray.com
Mon Oct 20 09:49:10 PDT 2008

Ok, this is really complicated.  I need some TableGen experts to help here.

I need a little help doing a final bit of tblgen hacking.

I've hacked tblgen to handle patterns like this:

let AddedComplexity = 40 in {
  def : Pat<(vector_shuffle (v2f64 (scalar_to_vector (loadf64 addr:$src1))),
                            (v2f64 (scalar_to_vector (loadf64 addr:$src2))),
	    (SHUFPDrri (MOVSD2PDrm addr:$src1),
                       (MOVSD2PDrm addr:$src2),
                       SHUFP_shuffle_mask:$sm)>, Requires<[HasSSE2]>;
} // AddedComplexity

I believe the problem with the tblgen in trunk is that it doesn't know how to 
support patterns with two memory operands.

I've attached the code that the hacked tblgen spits out from EmitResultCode 
for this pattern.

The remaining problem is that this code doesn't actually replace the two 
memory operations.  It generates two MOVSDs and a SHUFPD just fine but it 
produces two extra MOVSD instructions.

As far as I can understand things, the problem is that the two MOVSD 
instructions are generated by a recursive call to EmitResultCode.  Thus isRoot
is false and the result of the call to getTargetNode is not passed to 
ReplaceUses.  Then when we pop back up and generate the SHUFPD we call 
SelectNodeTo which only transforms the immediate node (the vector_shuffle).  
It doesn't recurse to replace child nodes.

I tried hacking tblgen to call getTargetNode / ReplaceUses if any node in the 
pattern has a chain by changing this line in tblgen:

      bool InputHasChain = isRoot &&
        NodeHasProperty(Pattern, SDNPHasChain, CGP);

to call PatternHasProperty instead.  This does cause tblgen to emit 
getTargetNode / ReplaceUses instead of SelectNodeTo but ReplaceUses doesn't 
know how to handle a complex pattern like this.  It complains about having 
two many operands:

  assert(From->getNumValues() == 1 && FromN.ResNo == 0 && 
         "Cannot replace with this method!");

From->getNumValues() > 1 so this croaks.

So I'm going to need a little help.  Either SelectionDAG::ReplaceAllUsesWith
needs to be able to handle more complex things or tblgen needs to emit 
ReplaceUses after it generates the two MOVSD instructions.  Perhaps something 
like this:

  SDOperand Ops0[] = { CPTmp0001, CPTmp1001, CPTmp2001, CPTmp3001, 
LSI_N00_Child0, LSI_N10_Child0, Chain10 };
  SDOperand Tmp1(CurDAG->getTargetNode(Opc0, VT0, MVT::Other, Ops0, 7), 0);
  ReplaceUses(SDOperand(N00.Val, 0), Tmp1);

I don't know if the parameters to that ReplaceUses call are correct, but I 
think you'll get the idea.

The problem of course is that other patterns cause this kind of recursion to 
match their memory operands and we _don't_ want those things calling 
ReplaceUses for their memory operands because things work jsut fine for those 
patterns already.

What's the right approach here?  And can someone help me get the solution 
correct so I can get over this final hurdle?

I think handling these kinds of complex memory access patterns will be 
beneficial for LLVM.  We see big speedups on some codes by applying the 
pattern at the top of this message.

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