[LLVMdev] Forcing basic blocks to end with no more than one branch instruction?

Daniel M Gessel gessel at apple.com
Wed Oct 15 11:38:00 PDT 2008

I'm analyzing the basic blocks of MachineInstructions that LLVM  
generates for my TargetMachine to try to reconstruct high-level flow  

I misunderstood the isTerminator property of an instruction to mean  
that it had to be at the end of a basic block, but now I've seen  
blocks that end with a conditional branch followed by an unconditional  

I'm sure this depends somewhat on my target, but can there be an  
arbitrary number of conditional branches before that last branch? How  
about before a return?

Before I dive in and generalize my analysis (probably only a minor  
pain), is there any way I can get LLVM to generate BBs that are  
constrained to use only one terminator instruction?



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