[LLVMdev] LLVM 2.4 problem? (resend)

Pertti Kellomäki pertti.kellomaki at tut.fi
Wed Oct 15 07:31:11 PDT 2008

Tatu Vaajalahti wrote:
> On 15.10.2008, at 14.01, Pertti Kellomäki wrote:
>> Seems to me that it is perfectly legitimate for the compiler to fold  
>> the two char constants together.
> True, but note that it is the address of a variable that is used, not  
> the value.

I don't have the C standard handy, but I would be somewhat
surprised if the standard would explicitly require two const char
variables to occupy distinct memory locations even if their
contents are equivalent. But I'm out of my depth here so
maybe some language lawyer could chime in.

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