[LLVMdev] C++ to C?

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just my quick comment (not really much of a poster here):
but, have you looked into the Java VM?...

just from what all I have read, this is probably closer to what you might be asking for.

more so, there are some compilers that allow compiling from C to java bytecode, but I have not looked much into them (I personally have doubts as to how effectively C can be mapped to the JVM, but this is a different issue).

there are also IDE's like Eclipse and similar...

there is also GCJ (GNU compiler for Java), which has some interesting features, some of which may be useful.

MS's .NET stuff might also be worth looking into, where here we have C++/CLI and similar, which compiles to MSIL/CIL, which is a bytecode format (granted though, it is typically JIT-compiled though, as the bytecode is not particularly well suited to efficient interpretation). likewise, all of this stuff is supported in Visual Studio.

a lot more free code is available for the JVM than .NET though (actually, between them, I like the JVM better, although I will admit that technically there are things .NET does a little better IMO...).

ok, granted, I don't really use Java or .NET personally... (I have my own reasons for preferring to stick with targeting the native architecture... and personally don't really care for IDE's either...).

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        Thanks for the reference to SPIM. It looks interesting, but appears to be an assembler that can also execute the code (it does not execute binary files). In addition, I'm probably asking for too much. Ideally, I'm looking for something like MS Visual Studio with that executes on a virtual software machine, whose source code is freely available. 

        M. McDonnell

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