[LLVMdev] C++ to C?

Michael McDonnell michaeldmcdonnell at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 11 12:44:53 PDT 2008

Hi Duncan,
Thanks again for your reply.
Yes, I am interested in the interpreter, but perhaps I misunderstand what LLVM is...
My assumption has been that LLVM generates machine code for a virtual machine, and that you supply an interpreter that will execute the code. 
I'm interested in this from an educational standpoint. What I'd like is a C/C++ compiler that generates machine code for a virtual software machine. Ideally the machine would support interrupts, timers, DMA controllers, etc.. I know that your interpreter does not, but I thought I might add these peripherals in.
If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate hearing them. I know about the various PC emulators like BOCHS, but they're doing a lot more than I need.
M. McDonnell

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Hi Michael,

> Thank you very much for your help. I have a few more questions if you have
a moment...
> * Are there executables available for windows?

I think so, but since I don't use windows I can't say for sure.

> * Is the source code for the interpreter available, and if so, what is/are
the filename(s)?

Sure, all source code is available: this is an open source project!
Do you really mean the interpreter?  You seemed more interested in
the C backend.  In any case, you can find source code here:
For the 2.3 release:

> * Is there an IDE available?

LLVM is not a compiler.  It is used by various compilers such
as llvm-gcc and clang.  One of those might have an IDE, but I
wouldn't know since I never use IDE's myself.



PS: Please don't send messages just to me: CC to mailing
list too.  That way others can answer you too, and the
discussion is recorded in the archives where others with
the same questions can find it.

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