[LLVMdev] mem2reg optimization

David Greene dag at cray.com
Tue Oct 7 09:04:11 PDT 2008

On Monday 06 October 2008 12:22, Chris Lattner wrote:

> >> Does this seem like a reasonable approach?  If so, please split the
> >> various parts of mem2reg out into helper methods as a prepatch.  This
> >> will make review of the subsequent changes much easier.
> >
> > Which various parts are you referring to?  You mean the stuff that
> > populates
> > and updates the map?
> I'm criticizing the existing code :), which is just very poorly
> structured.  It would be nice to do a refactoring patch first which
> just splits the various "scan a BB" places out into helper methods,
> instead of them being inlined into larger pieces of code.  This will
> make the mem2reg algo easier to read and will make the algorithmic
> change easier to review.

Ok, I think I see what you mean.

> If you want, I can change one of the places that does a scan to show
> what I mean,

If you'd like.  I probably won't get to that kind of refactoring until next 


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