[LLVMdev] (Function) attributes documentation

Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at stdin.nl
Mon Oct 6 09:23:52 PDT 2008

Hi all,

due to the recent changes regarding paramater/function/return type attributes,
I think the documentation around that could use some improvement. In
particular, I see the following problems:
 * The section "Functions" in the LangRef has a large textual description
   about how it should look, but no definition of syntax, or even a few
	 examples of the syntax. This makes it very hard to read.
 * The section "Functions" only mentions return value attributes and parameter
   attributes, but not function attributes.
 * The section about the call and invoke instructions do not mention any
   attributes at all.
 * The section about parameter attributes is a bit unclear as to what are
   valid return attributes and what are valid parameter attributes. From the
	 code, only zeroext, signext and inreg are valid for return values, but
	 adding an explicit "This is not a valid attribute for return values" to the
	 others would make this a lot clearer.

These problems seem to have been around for some time, but I guess it would be
good to fix them (but I won't be having the time for it, unfortunately).


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