[LLVMdev] There are two linker error when compiling the latest llvm source...

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Sun Oct 5 09:59:56 PDT 2008

"Cloud Strife" <geforce8800 at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi everyone.I am using the visual stuido 2005 to build the lastesllvm source
> code.
> After the building phase, the vs 2005 dump two errors with the lli and llc.
> Here is the message:
> I search the "createPBQPRegisterAllocator" keyword in the entire solution,
> only to find out that
>   This function exists in two header file. It is declared only, not
> implemented.
> Maybe it is a bug of current version?  Has anyone meet the same issue as me?

This is, most likely, due to an outdated lib/CodeGen VS project file
that omits PBQP.cpp.

Have you tried building with CMake? :-)

> mkdir /build
> cd /build
> cmake -G "Visual Studio 8 2005" path/to/llvm/root

generates the necessary files for building LLVM with VS8.

Don't forget to report your experience!


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