[LLVMdev] Removal of Visual Studio project files.

OvermindDL1 overminddl1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 21:14:50 PST 2008

Nice, very well done on the CMake build.  This command worked perfectly:

cmake -G "Visual Studio 8 2005"
-D_HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING=0" ..\trunk > ..\build_log.txt

And for the actual build, went very well.  The INSTALL was much
project was better then I was expecting (although did not install to a
place I wanted it to, I guess that can be changed with another option
passed to the above command-line call).  No errors in the build, and
the only real warnings I saw were just things like signed/unsigned
mismatch and using struct before but using class now and other such
things (that should be fixed regardless, but no biggies).  The
projects worked correctly, and I never knew LLVM came with a BF
compiler, may have to play around with that to see how well the LLVM
version works. :P

As a heavy VS user, I am up for removing the project files considering
how well this went and how well designed he made it.

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