[LLVMdev] compiling the tutorial

Carlo Alberto Ferraris cafxx at strayorange.com
Thu Nov 20 23:34:32 PST 2008

Óscar Fuentes ha scritto:
> Carlo Alberto Ferraris <cafxx at strayorange.com> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I'm investigating adding LLVM JIT support to a project of mine, but I'm 
>> having issues when trying to compile the Kaleidoscope tutorial* under 
>> MSVC 2008.
>> In particular, the problem is that in main() when this line is executed
>>>   // Create the JIT.
>>>   TheExecutionEngine = ExecutionEngine::create(TheModule);
>> create returns null, because both JITCtor and InterpCtor are null.
>> I found this comment in ExecutionEngine.h
> Does it work if you add to the link command
> /INCLUDE:_X86TargetMachineModule
> ?
> [snip]
I tried linking the tutorial adding that command but JITCtor and 
InterpCtor are still null, both in debug and release builds.
Was by any chance that command meant to be used when building the llvm 
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