[LLVMdev] poolallocation error

Mattias Holm holm at liacs.nl
Wed Nov 19 05:59:19 PST 2008


I am trying to use the poolallocator. More specific, I am trying to  
play around with the pointer compression pass. Though, I get assertion  
failures for the pass dependencies.

This is when it in PointerCompress::getAnalysisUsage tries to register  
the the BU pass as required. I.e. when  
AU.addRequired<CompleteBUDataStructures>(); is called.

$ opt -f -load ~/Projects/llvmstuff/opt/poolalloc/lib/ 
libpoolalloc.dylib -raiseallocs -poolalloc-passing-all-pools - 
pointercompress llist-noopt.bc -o llist-dp.bc

Assertion failed: ((P->getPotentialPassManagerType() < RequiredPass- 
 >getPotentialPassManagerType()) && "Unable to handle Pass that  
requires lower level Analysis pass"), function  
addLowerLevelRequiredPass, file ~/Projects/llvmstuff/llvm/lib/VMCore/ 
PassManager.cpp, line 1418.

Any ideas what is going wrong here?


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