[LLVMdev] Patterns with Multiple Stores

David Greene dag at cray.com
Mon Nov 17 12:28:27 PST 2008

I want to write a pattern that looks something like this:

def : Pat<(unalignedstore (v2f64 VR128:$src), addr:$dst),
          (MOVSDmr ADD64ri8(addr:$dst, imm:8), ( SHUFPDrri (VR128:$src, 
          (MOVSDmr addr:$dst, FR64:$src))), imm:3)

So I want to convert an unaligned vector store to a scalar store, a shuffle 
and a scalar store.

There are several question I have:

- Is the imm:3 syntax correct?  Basically I want to hard-code the shuffle mask

- The first MOVSD doesn't really "feed" the SHUFPD.  How do I write the 
  pattern to guarantee the MOVSD happens before the SHUFPD when the scheduler 
  does its thing?

- How do I hard-code the immediate add that updates the store address for the 
  high element?  Again, I don't think imm:8 is right.

Is it possible to express this kind of thing in tblgen or do I have to write 
custom code?


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