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Karhu, Abhinav R akarhu3 at gatech.edu
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Hi owen,
Can you please elaborate as to what should I do? Find all the instruction which have r2 in it and replace all of them with r1 and then remove the load instruction? 
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On Nov 14, 2008, at 9:13 PM, Karhu, Abhinav R wrote:

> Hi Eli,
> I want to do redundant load elimination. A simple example for that  
> would be
> load (a1) , r1;
> ---
> ---
> ---
> load (a2) , r2;
> Now if a1 and a2 are alias of each other and the value stored in a1  
> and a2 remains the same then I can say that the second load is  
> redundant.
> I can replace the second load with these instructions
> mov r0 r1;
> mov r0 r2; and remove the load instruction.

You don't need to copy r1.  Just replace all uses of r2 with r1, and  
get rid of the definition of r2.

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