[LLVMdev] vmkit, jvm, newbie bytecode translation + jit question

timprepscius timprepscius at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 13:06:04 PST 2008


I am searching for an alternative to sun's java implementation - one
that is not under gpl..

I've been reading the vmkit code for JNI..  And I notice that it is
not completely filled out yet... That's fine though, I see there is
filled in function like most of the non implemented functions..

Couple of questions:

Is the entire llvm required for java/cli vmkit to run?
I'm searching for a minimal install..

How big exactly is this binary installation.. (Not including java
libraries outside of the class path)

On a scale of 1 to 10.. How difficult do you think it would be to:
1.  Fill out JNI (I don't see this as a huge problem)
2.  Get it running on Win32 & WinCE..  (blech ?? blech blech ?? :-) )

Thanks again.

Your project looks great!!!


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