[LLVMdev] Question about SPARC target status

Peter Shugalev peter at shugalev.com
Tue Nov 11 14:19:20 PST 2008


Owen Anderson wrote:
>> I can see only one reason for such dependence: inclusion of system
>> headers in /usr/include. If I compile llvm-gcc with predefined set of
>> Linux headers (the way cross-compilers are usually made) will the IR
>> output be the same no matter which platform is used for compilation?
> No.  Consider use of sizeof(), ABI issues, etc.

Ooh, now I see llvm-gcc is not cross-compiler in the terms of GCC. Okay, 
but what if I actually compile LLVM-gcc as cross-compiler for 64-bit 
x86-64 Linux. Then it is guaranteed to produce identical output on all 
the systems.

Question is: how the resulting LLVM IR will run on 32-bit machine? 
Should I create stubs for all called functions to convert between 32 and 
64-bit pointers? Or it won't run at all?

Best Regards
Peter Shugalev

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