[LLVMdev] Buildbot now up and new build failures

Bill Wendling isanbard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 13:28:53 PST 2008

Hi Daniel,

I see that you're doing a Debug build. Could you do a "Release" or
"Release-Asserts" build instead? This will catch errors which
developers won't normally see.


On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 1:02 PM, Daniel Berlin <dberlin at dberlin.org> wrote:
> I set up a buildbot for llvm at http://google1.osuosl.org:8011/waterfall
> It builds every single revision of llvm, runs the testsuite, and
> reports the results.  It takes about 3 minutes per build+test right
> now (it's an 8 core machine).
> Currently i have it building x86_64-linux.
> Setting up a builder/slave for any platform would be trivial.
> I simply don't have machines running anything but x86_64-linux that i
> can use for this purpose.
> It simply requires installing buildbot , and pointing it at this
> buildbot as it's master.
> You only need to be able to connect to the outside world, you don't
> have to be able to receive connections.
> Let me know if you have a machine/platform you want to connect to this
> as a build slave and i can walk you through it.
> It can also test patches for you and give you the results (currently
> this requires buildbot be installed on your machine, i will make it
> web/email accessible)
> I will add the dejagnu logs to the clickable links, as well as make it
> link to just the list of FAIL's so you don't have to search the log.
> I will also make it bootstrap llvm-gcc once or twice a day.
> --Dan
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