[LLVMdev] MSIL and MIPS backend for LLVM

Eduardo Augusto Peixoto da Silva Brito pg12188 at alunos.uminho.pt
Wed Nov 5 09:24:16 PST 2008


The code that I was using was this:

I followed the footsteps for compiling it to BC than I took the BC code and 
compiled it with ilasm2 (Mono).
After that I tried to run the .exe with mono and it gave me a invalid opcode.
I wish I could give more information about the bug but my ext3fs partition 
crashed and I'm now recovering it. Maybe later I could give more detailed
information about the bug.

Eduardo Brito

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Hi Eduardo,

> I'm a little new to LLVM.
> I know that the backends are still in experimental stage. MSIL and MIPS
> would be very useful for a project that I'm working on. Do you have any
> plans to have it completed in the next few months? I could generate the
> MSIL assembly but when compiled it, which compiles sucessfully, it
> generates invalid opcode errors.

As Eric said, it should work fine for simple code, if you have anything
that isn't compiling, please report bugs so I can try fix them for you!


Bruno Cardoso Lopes
"When faced with untenable alternatives, you
 should consider your imperative."
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