[LLVMdev] 2.4 Pre-release (v2)

Ben Swire ben.swire at tandberg.com
Wed Nov 5 02:20:46 PST 2008

Hi, I've just tried out version 2.4, and it doesn't work for me in
situations where 2.3 seems fine. The current trunk code appears to have
the same problem.

When I compile a simple program in llvm-gcc, I get a .bc file as output
as expected. When running lli or llc on this file, however, I get
various errors and an assert, stopping the .s file from being created.

Example output of llc:

[bens at BenSCentOS llvm]$ llc hello.bc -o hello.s
Value still in symbol table! Type = 'i32' Name = 'tmp3.3'
Value still in symbol table! Type = 'i32' Name = 'tmp3.4'
Value still in symbol table! Type = 'i32' Name = 'tmp1'
Value still in symbol table! Type = 'i32' Name = 'tmp3'
Value still in symbol table! Type = 'i32' Name = 'tmp3.1'
Value still in symbol table! Type = 'i32' Name = 'tmp3.2'
llc: ValueSymbolTable.cpp:29:
llvm::ValueSymbolTable::~ValueSymbolTable(): Assertion `vmap.empty() &&
"Values remain in symbol table!"' failed.

When I run lli, I get pretty much the same, except that the program's
expected output appears before all the errors (so I guess it is doing
some good in there, looks like something just isn't tidying itself up

Opening hello.bc as-is in an editor shows that there is some data in
there (about the same amount as I had when compiling with 2.3), but when
I run llvm-dis on it, it outputs blank.

I ran the llvm/configure file with the same options as I did for 2.3
(--enable-optimized, that's it)

I'm building with a Linux machine, 
CentOS 5
Dual core Pentium 4, 3.2GHz x 2

Am I somehow getting something wrong, or is 2.4 broken? The problem
isn't with my test program, I've tried it with a few c files of varying


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The 2.4 pre-release (v2) is available for testing:

If you have time, I'd appreciate anyone who can help test the release.
Please do the following:

1) Download/compile llvm source, and either compile llvm-gcc source or
     llvm-gcc binary.
2) Run make check, send me the testrun.log
3) Run "make TEST=nightly report" and send me the report.nightly.txt
4) Please provide details on what platform you compiled LLVM on and how
     you built LLMV (src == obj, or src != obj)

Please COMPLETE ALL TESTING BY the end of the day on November 5th.


P.S. PPC llvm-gcc binary will be up later today. Sorry for the delay.
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