[LLVMdev] Porting llvm-gcc-4.2

Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Sun Nov 2 22:59:25 PST 2008

llvm-gcc bits are but a small part of it. You need to add a new target  
to llvm. Please read llvm documentation and llvmdev archieve for more  


On Nov 2, 2008, at 7:38 AM, Thorsten Glaser wrote:

> Hello,
> how would I go porting llvm-gcc-4.2 to an “unknown” platform, i.e.
> MirBSD? For regular gcc, I’d have to add stuff to gcc/gcc/config/
> and patch quite some configure scripts, but seeing that llvm-gcc
> uses LLVM for target specific stuff, how much of this still applies?
> cpp defines and startup files at the least, probably, for the com-
> piler driver…
> Which dependencies does llvm-gcc-4.2 have, besides the usual gmake,
> bison, working toolchain, gnat for building Ada, llvm? Specifically,
> does it also have the hilarious library dependencies (gmp, mpfr, etc)?
> What is the status of the other (besides C and C++) languages on
> llvm-gcc-4.2 r58565? I’ve read that Ada fails and Fortran has  
> issues.
> How about ObjC, ObjC++, Java™?
> Speaking of Ada: is gnat from gcc 3.4.6 enough to build gnat/gcc4?
> Is there a recommended way to compile libstdc++ and libobjc to llvm
> byte code only (instead of native code), both to enable the use of
> more optimisations¹ and the use of the C back-end (possibly to create
> a C-only bootstrap version of llvm and llvm-gcc to get rid of gcc/g++
> in base and being able to use pcc to bootstrap llvm)?
> ① What’s this about link time optimisation being supported only on
>  Darwin anyway?
> Do you have any other recommendations for me for porting llvm, clang
> and llvm-gcc to MirBSD?
> Thanks in advance!
> bye,
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