[LLVMdev] Buildbot now up and new build failures

Daniel Berlin dberlin at dberlin.org
Sun Nov 2 13:02:29 PST 2008

I set up a buildbot for llvm at http://google1.osuosl.org:8011/waterfall
It builds every single revision of llvm, runs the testsuite, and
reports the results.  It takes about 3 minutes per build+test right
now (it's an 8 core machine).

Currently i have it building x86_64-linux.
Setting up a builder/slave for any platform would be trivial.
I simply don't have machines running anything but x86_64-linux that i
can use for this purpose.

It simply requires installing buildbot , and pointing it at this
buildbot as it's master.
You only need to be able to connect to the outside world, you don't
have to be able to receive connections.
Let me know if you have a machine/platform you want to connect to this
as a build slave and i can walk you through it.

It can also test patches for you and give you the results (currently
this requires buildbot be installed on your machine, i will make it
web/email accessible)

I will add the dejagnu logs to the clickable links, as well as make it
link to just the list of FAIL's so you don't have to search the log.

I will also make it bootstrap llvm-gcc once or twice a day.

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