[LLVMdev] Reference Manual Clarifications

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Mon Mar 31 10:17:00 PDT 2008

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Jon Sargeant wrote:
> Here are some clarifications for the reference manual.  Please verify
> that my assumptions are correct.  Shall I post a patch?

Yes please.

> Floating-point Constants:  Add "The assembler requires the exact decimal
> value of a floating-point constant.  For example, the assembler accepts
> '1.25' but rejects '1.3' because '1.3' is a repeating decimal in binary."


> Binary Operations: Add "of the same type" after "They require two operands".


> Binary Operations: Replace "The result value of a binary operator is not
> necessarily the same type as its operands" with "The result value has
> the same type as its operands".


> udiv/sdiv Instruction: Add "rounded towards zero" after "quotient of the
> two operands".


> urem Instruction: Remove "regardless of whether the arguments are
> unsigned or not" because it doesn't make sense.  Using urem instead of
> srem asserts that the arguments are unsigned.


> urem/srem Instruction: Move remainder/modulo discussion from srem to
> urem since many readers will read the document from top to bottom.
> In any case, both instructions should state "result has the same sign as
> the dividend".


> frem Instruction: There are four ways to define frem based on the
> rounding mode.  The 8087 provides two of these: fprem and fprem1.
> Assuming the instruction uses the round-to-zero version of frem, add
> "calculated as <var1>-<var2>*floor(<var1>/<var2>)"

frem is defined to be exactly equal to the libm 'fmod' function.

> Bitwise Binary Operations: Add "of the same type" after "They require
> two operands"


> Bitwise Binary Operations: Replace "The resulting value of the bitwise
> binary operators is always the same type as its first operand." with
> "The resulting value is the same type as its operands".


> shl Instruction: Replace "var1 * 2^var2" with "var1 * 2^var2 mod 2^n,
> where n is width of result"


> shl/lshr/ashr: Add "If var2 is negative, the result is undefined"

if the value has is >= the size of the type, the result is undefined as 

Thanks Jon!



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