[LLVMdev] Compile programs with the LLVM Compiler as a gsoc project

Török Edwin edwintorok at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 23:26:00 PDT 2008

Kumaripaba Miyurusara Atukorala wrote:
> hi,
> Several doubts aroused after I read through all the information
> provided in former  mails. They are
>     >>
>     > I think this would be a great project.  However, I would rephrase it
>     > to be more concrete.
>     >
>     > How about taking a linux distro like redhat or gentoo or
>     whatever you
>     > are familiar of comfortable with, and try compiling the whole thing
>     > with llvm-gcc?  As part of the GSoC project, you could file bug
>     > reports for any issues you hit and help track down problems.
>     >
> 1) I thought of taking the gcc compiler and compiling it with llvm
> since it is easier to make test cases to test the system. Is gcc
> compiler already built with llvm?

Yes, llvm-gcc is bootstrapped (so it is compiled with llvm).

> if so I have the linux kernel as the second option. What is your
> openion on this ?

That could be a large task. I succeeded building a kernel with llvm a
while ago, but it didn't boot (neither did an UML kernel). You should
have very good knowledge of how the kernel works to find out what is
wrong. This is one place the tool I suggested could come in handy ;)

>     Excellent idea!
>     When testing large code bases built with llvm, and trying to track
>     down
>     where the problem is it would be very useful to have an automated tool
>     to help. Something similar to 'git bisect', or bugpoint but for many
>     source files.
> 2) you've mentioned about using a tool to test the system that I'll be
> building with LLVM. Do I have to develop this tool from the scratch or
> are there any existing tools that can be made use of?  

Maybe bugpoint. But you should discuss the design of the tool with Chris.

Best regards,

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