[LLVMdev] Compiling llvm-gcc on amd64 with 32 bits: assembler still carps

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Sun Mar 30 11:53:18 PDT 2008

Am Sonntag, den 30.03.2008, 21:51 +0400 schrieb Anton Korobeynikov:
> Hello, Joachim
> > This assembler was configured for a target of `x86_64-linux-gnu'.
> Hrm, try to check, how 'as' is invoked by llvm-gcc, you need jut to run
> the mentioned cmdline 'by hands':
> [...]
> plus, add '-v' option to see, what is really executed.

This *is* interesting. Turns out it's calling

  /home/jo/llvm-gcc-wrk/./gcc/as --traditional-format -V -Qy
  -o crtbegin.o /tmp/ccFNX5fN.s

... but the assembler is reporting

  GNU assembler version 2.18 (x86_64-linux-gnu) using BFD version (GNU
  Binutils for Ubuntu) 2.18

anyway, strange...
... ah, turns out /home/jo/llvm-gcc-wrk/./gcc/as is just a shell script
that execs /usr/bin/as, which of course is just the preinstalled 64-bit
I still don't understand why it isn't getting a --32 or -m32 option,
somewhere in the configure-makefile-gcc chain there *should* be
something that's responsible for translating --build/host/target to one
of these options.

Now off to trying Tanya's approach :-)


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