[LLVMdev] AsmParser/Lexer.l error

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Mon Mar 24 13:11:49 PDT 2008


> /usr/src/Lang/llvm/lib/AsmParser/Lexer.l: In function 'int llvmAsmlex()':
> /usr/src/Lang/llvm/lib/AsmParser/Lexer.l:278: error: 'PURE' was not 
> declared in this scope
> /usr/src/Lang/llvm/lib/AsmParser/Lexer.l:279: error: 'CONST' was not 
> declared in this scope
> Lexer.cpp: In function 'int yy_get_next_buffer()':

these don't exist any more so you must have old files hanging around.

> I'm on Debian/Sid/AMD64, build directory is /usr/src/Lang/llvm/_Obj (a 
> subdir of the source). Even by removing 
> /usr/src/Lang/llvm/lib/AsmParser/Lexer.cpp as suggested 
> inhttp://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/cfe-dev/2007-November/000483.html 
> I'm getting the same message.
> I'm quite sure it is a common mistake of mine, but I thought that 
> removing the generated /usr/src/Lang/llvm/lib/AsmParser/Lexer.cpp would 
> be enough.

If you do
	svn status
it should tell you (with a ?) about files that aren't in the repository.



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