[LLVMdev] a quick typo in the ARM LLVM backend

Jay Freeman (saurik) saurik at saurik.com
Sun Mar 23 04:39:20 PDT 2008

So, a while back I got a compile error where the assembly was missing some whitespace between a .set and the identifier and tracked it down to this simple mistake that I just verified is still in the tree:

Index: lib/Target/ARM/ARMTargetAsmInfo.cpp
--- lib/Target/ARM/ARMTargetAsmInfo.cpp (revision 48700)
+++ lib/Target/ARM/ARMTargetAsmInfo.cpp (working copy)
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
     PrivateGlobalPrefix = "L";
     BSSSection = 0;                       // no BSS section.
     ZeroFillDirective = "\t.zerofill\t";  // Uses .zerofill
-    SetDirective = "\t.set";
+    SetDirective = "\t.set\t";
     WeakRefDirective = "\t.weak_reference\t";
     HiddenDirective = "\t.private_extern\t";
     ProtectedDirective = NULL;

I unfortunately don't have the code that died anymore (it was a couple months ago, and I'm unfortunately just now getting on this mailing list to report the issue), but it seems pretty obvious from the surrounding context to be wrong, and there's even another initialization of SetDirective in the same file that _does_ have the traililng \t.

Jay Freeman (saurik)
saurik at saurik.com
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